There are dozens of massage techniques out there, each with their unique health benefits. Today we’ll be looking at one of these techniques unique to Thai Massage—Tok Sen. Tok Sen massage involves a wooden hammer being tapped along your Sen energy line, relaxing the muscles, healing chronic pains, and improving the pathways of the nervous system. This isn’t just any old hammer—the Tok Sen hammer is made from auspicious wood, often blessed by a Buddhist monk, and is commonly made from tamarind trees. The deep vibrations of this special hammer striking against the Sen energy line has incredible healing effects, and the massage is often tailored to your specific needs.

But where did Tok Sen come from? Though there is no concrete history, many believe that Tok Sen originated from Thai farmers , who needed work done on their bodies after long, rigorous days in the fields. Tok Sen massages may have been performed by their wives or fellow workers, and, due to the auspicious wood and monk’s blessing, the Thai workers believed that the tapping was not only healing their external ailments, but also their internal energy disfunctions. Tok Sen quite literally heals from the inside out!

Tok Sen can be combined with other massage techniques to enhance the healing effects and provide a highly individualized massage.

After a consulation we can tailor the treatment to your needs.
Traditional Thai massage can loosen up the body ,
followed by Tok Sen to help circulation, align the body’s energy, remove blockages, stretch tendons and ligaments.

Nervous about booking a Tok Sen massage? Don’t be! Tok Sen is wonderful for your body, and usually has no pain or bruising. If you’re looking for a safe, trusted place to have a Tok Sen massage. Booking online at or call 07 3366 8595