Chinese Herbs have been used in the treatment and support of human health for thousands of years. During that time much has been learned about what herbs can do, how to prepare them and which herbs are to be used for what purposes.

In the hands of an experienced and qualified professional, and when used according to longstanding chinese traditions herbs can work wonders, either independently or in conjunction with western medicine! Herbs however, do contain complex chemicals that, when used improperly, can have contradictions, therefore it is always advisable to discuss all herbs, supplements or medicines you are taking (or considering taking) with your health care practitioner.

No doubt, western medicine has attained great success in treating different diseases and rescuing many people’s lives from sickness-related death. The practice of medicine is now however at an interesting crossroads where there are countless patients being treated simultaneously with both Western and Oriental medicine, with great success.

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A Very Brief History

The oldest medical book that mentions herbs is the The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, dating back to approx. 800 BC. It’s a compendium of medical theory and practice attributed to the Yellow Emperor who is thought to have lived c.4700 BC. The 28 substances and 12 prescriptions listed in the book are the first mention of the Chinese herbal medicine which continues to be practiced today.

Chinese Herb Categories

There are three major categories of herbs:

  • Superior herbs – those which nourish life
  • Middle Herbs – those which correct constitution
  • Inferior herbs – those which expel disease

Why is a combination of herbs used?

Chinese herbs are selected and combined in formulas based on principles that have no relation whatsoever to bio-chemistry. The vast majority of herbal treatments use formulas containing four or more herbs. Only a few herbs are used by themselves alone. There are several reasons for this.

  • To affect related secondary aspects of the illness.
  • To prevent the formula from causing side effects or illness by balancing it’s effects.
  • To strengthen the effect on the pathology.

What Chinese herbs do NRCHI provide?

We dispense a variety of Chinese herbal formulas in our clinic, from tablets through to powdered teas to suit a myriad of symptoms based on these traditional theories. Suitable for both children and adults, they are an inexpensive and extremely effective method of correcting any imbalance you may be experiencing.