Cupping Therapy

Ever thought about getting cupping therapy, and you’re on the Northside of Brisbane?

Acupuncture Brisbane North has been operating on the Northside of Brisbane for the past 20 years performing cupping and acupuncture services for Brisbane north residents.

Cupping Therapy is part of the wide variety of Traditional Chinese Medical Therapies, available to Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, and is commonly performed on its own, as well as part of a full acupuncture session with Tui-na (Chinese trigger point and tissue massage) or other styles of massage in general.

Traditional Cupping Therapy takes advantage of the natural vacuum pressure formed, when a large flame is inserted into an open mouthed bulb shaped cup of varying material, heating and expanding the air inside. The Flame is then just as rapidly drawn away from inside and before the expanded air rushes back in the cup is placed quickly on the skin region requiring therapy, to take advantage of the moving and drawing effect that the internal vacuum creates.

Cupping is also applied through versions other than the fire Glass cupping method.  Pump action plastic are a very popular variety of this. Other less common styles available are suction rubber and a more traditional form using the cut of ends of bamboo sections and then using the fire method mentioned previously.

Cuppings relative effect surprisingly, is actually just that, the colour and fullness of colour drawn to the surface, reveals much about the congestion and damage that is contained within the tissue (muscle connective tissue tendons and ligaments) close to the surface of skin the cup is applied to.

This suction will over the period of time applied, concentrate these damaged cells and other rubbish built up from the process of metabolism and movement in the surface of the skin, this accumulated debris can then be more easily disposed of by our immune system, leaving the muscle and tissue clearer and softer as a result of the cupping being applied.

Clients describe their first experience of the therapy of cupping as a very unusual feeling, with a common comment being, “I’ve just been attacked by a silent vacuum cleaner”.  Or their children marvel at the fact that it seems their parent of grandparent has been in an altercation with an Octopus”.

It is quite revealing to those observing someone else receiving the cupping therapy method, just how much of the skin seems to be drawn into the cup, but this is an optical illusion.

Acupuncture Brisbane North finds that utilising cupping therapy, on the large population of sporting and athletic clients that it sees on a weekly basis, helps these clients to keep the dreaded spectre of injury at bay.  Cupping also allows them to train harder, perform better on race day and ward off the inevitable muscle build up that comes from the continual exercise they perform on a daily/weekly basis.

Cupping therapy isn’t just for athletes by no means, everyday stiffness also responds to the vacuum effect of cupping very well and the likely hood of pulled and strained muscles is reduced in the future due to its clearing effect.

Cuppings ability to ease the crippling contraction of the spasms and knots in muscles is one of the hallmarks that make cupping so affective, these symptoms often drive clients to distraction and stop them thinking clearly.  Cupping eases these frustrations and the tension that causes productivity reductions that inevitably come from living with pain on a constant basis.

Many questions about the marks that cupping brings to the surface, start with “are they toxins coming up?”  It is our position at Acupuncture Brisbane North that this word holds little relevance to what outcome cupping is trying to achieve.

Both muscle and tissue texture, health and softness are very important to allow you to move and act freely to live your life with ease.