Conditions Aided L-Z

NRCHI Offers aid for many conditions and Illnesses, In the Following Section we will try and outline what to expect for each condition from the experience we have with previous Clients that have visited the Clinic

Leg/Hami/Quad Pain



Menstrual conditions

Morning Sickness/Pregnancy

Nerve pain


Pinched Nerve

Plantar Fascitis

Ross River-Glandular Fever|ME

Sciatica/Sacral pain

Scoliosis/Ankelosing Spondelitis


Shoulder Pain/Rotator Cuff Problems


Sports Performance

Stress Management

Acupuncture is a drug free more natural method of helping you to deal with anxiety and stress.

Acupuncture deals with stress and anxiety levels through moderating the effect of the two broad neural systems in the body that being the Sympathetic and Para (next to) Sympathetic nervous systems.

In functional terms, the first increases the rate of activity in your body, (increases heart rate, breathing rate, opens blood vessels, slows your digestive system, makes you pupils bigger, all in the anticipation of needing to prepare or act in some sort of stress.  It also increases adrenaline levels and blood sugar levels for quick energy need if you need to run or fight in a threatening situation.  which is why you get that fluttery feeling when in intense situations your regular habit of ignoring your internal organ sounds and movement come forward so you notice them more.

This is regarded as moving more towards a Yang position in the body

Tail Bone Pain/Coccyx Pain

Thumb/Hand Pain


Weight Management

Whiplash/Neck Pain