New Mens Only Counsellor Operating From NRCHI From November

New Mens Only Counsellor Operating From NRCHI From November

Felipe Oliviera is a Brazillian national who is passionate about helping men who are suffering with lack of relevence in this modern age of fast technology and changing social norms.

Felipe arrived in Australia eleven years ago after facing a divorce and the feeling of failure in Brazil. 
He came Down Under looking for a place to hide – emotionally speaking – as much as, a place where I could work, pay my bills, and sleep in peace.

Along with the feelings of embarrassment from the country mad about soccer, He  embraced a spiritual path, where after a couple of years he was introduced to Sacred Male Journey which led me to become a counsellor.

Felipe Says, after examining a vast aray of points in my life I found some gifts out of ‘failures’ or ‘blind spots’ in my personality. 
It took me almost four decades to realise one complimented the other. My false and the True Self are dancing together now. and I’m excited to share this with men who have had a similar Journey. 

Sometimes I stop the music and feel upset, cranky and fearful, until the moment I allow the music play again.‍‍‍‍‍‍


Felipe is available by appointment only
During normal hours 
(Monday to Friday from 2pm till 4)

And after hours (Monday to Friday after 4.30pm till 7 pm)


Please consult his Website for More Information.

The sessions are individuals, approximately 45 minutes, running in a peaceful, private and confidential manner.  

Felipe Oliveira Journeys and Companions men facing challenges in life, with the vision to help them to notice and accept the Invitation to theirAuthentic Self. His counselling experience has been with men facing complex trauma (PTSD);  deep and emotional wounds (Depression andAnxiety);  inner pain causing addictionsmid-life crisis‍‍‍ (Depression);fear of intimacy (Anxiety); shame and aggression issueslife transition;grief and loss; and suicide ideation (Deep Depression).

Are you going through a divorce, separation or issues with relationships of any kind (personal, social or professional) ? Are you feeling lost not knowing what is right or wrong anymore? Feeling like having more downs than ups? Wh‍‍‍at once used to make sense, now it seems empty and nonsense?

Is that how you are feeling?

‍‍‍Men are deeply interested in something meaningful, dangerous, full of mystery and rewarding – something that will give them a great sense of purpose. A journey that will touch the core of their masculine spirit and make them feel radically alive. A magnificent journey that will make men feel powerful beyond measure.

The Authentic Male Journey touches on the five main themes of the masculine spirit: 1. The addictive system; 2. Men & grief3. The mother and father wound4. The five truths about life; and 5. Authentic Masculinity or True Self. These five themes are always present in the journey of the masculine heart.


“Felipe was able to journey through my specific circumstances & personality by using highly effective ways of companionship that really worked for me to get the breakthrough I was seeking. I would highly recommend his skill as as an effective counsellor” Male, 39 y/old.

Felipe Oliveira is a registered counsellor with Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA – Reg.23889), NDIS provider (reg. 4050026650), holding a Masters Degree in Counselling, where the focus of his researches were always around Authentic Masculinity, Sexuality and Spirituality.

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