Conditions Aided A-K

NRCHI Offers aid for many conditions and Illnesses, In the Following Section we will try and outline what to expect for each condition from the experience we have with previous Clients that have visited the Clinic

Arm/Elbow Pain/Golfers/Tennis Elbow

Tennis or Golfers elbow, or more medically known as “Medial or Lateral Epicondolitis, is a very common condition that impacts many of our society.  Regularly brought on by repetitive strain, it may stop you doing things such as lifting a coffee cup to keeping you awake at night with the continual throbbing.  it is a fairly common condition that we see in our clinic. The cause of the issue usually extends far from the problem all the way to the shoulders and back also.

Abdominal Pain/Bloating/Indigestion

Abdominal pain and bloating may be due to inflammation of the lining of the stomach and intestines food allergies and

Achillies tendonitis



Back Pain

Back pain is a very common Complaint that attends the clinic, some Chronic and others very acute.

Bells Palsy

Breach Birth

Calf Pain

Cancer Support

Carple Tunnel Syndrome

Chest Pain

Chronic Cough/Cold and Flu's

Chronic Fatigue/Energy Problems

Corked Muscle/Cramping

Depression/Emotional Stability



Groin Pain


Hay Fever


Hip and Buttock pain


Insomnia and Sleep Difficulties

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

ITB Friction Syndrome/Hip Flexor Problems

Infertility/IVF Support

Jaw TMJ pain

Knee Pain