Back Pain Acupuncture

Back pain is one of the most common complaints to atttend an acupunturists clinic, whether it be the usual back strain from over lifting to the stamina needed to maintain posture in the day to day sitting position of regular office work, they each have a varied impact on how well the back deals with each situation.

Your muscular and skeletal systmems coordinnate all of these actions every moment of the day, even when you are sleeping.  Through this constant use, regional muscle groups adapt and grow larger, through the increased need for blood circulation and cross sectional width (the muscle fibres grow thicker and more fluid swells the muscle).

Muscles have a unique behaviour due to the fact that they’re only able to contract, or release slowly, they cannot lengthen actively with out the help of an opposing muscle group, pulling them back to a longer size.

This behaviour builds particular habits through your musculo/skeletal system, producing regular tightness and shortening of muscles. Many of the regular movement patterns you perform every day can set up contortions in the alignment of the spine hips neck all the way through all the joints creating poor leverage patterns and increase wear on the joint surfaces and other friction reducing parts (cartilage and bursa) as well as extra strain and tension on the connective tissuue (tendons ligamants facial tissue scafolding on th